Recolouring/re-editing Hopscotch characters for project assets


When importing images first came out, I had an idea for recolouring characters that I never ended up sharing/publishing :thinking: so here it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Recolou(r)ing characters:


(that's some rather dodgy recolouring in Photoshop) but it is very quick! you can make your own colour palette and stuff.

and you know, you could even add extra features, like extra spikes on Dino, costumes (@CreationsOfaNoob did this idea using objects before importing images came, and @MagmaPOP used clones to do different effects on characters too :slight_smile: and I believe different expressions also :open_mouth:)


Colour everything black:


(again some dodgy skillz, but putting here for general idea) I filled in the black lines (just with a default brush)

How can I do this?

There are probably more ways, I just used Photoshop (magic wand tool to select areas, and paint bucket to colour in, and brush for the second silhouette).

I think there's an easier way that might allow you to change all pixels of one colour to another one, but not sure about how to do that (or if it exists, but I feel like i've stumbled across something like that before)

As for grabbing Dino in the first place, I made a project setting Dino's size to 400, then took a screenshot and once opened on computer, made the background transparent.

I think Photoshop costs money but I do know that there are alternatives out there.


  • if others have already done this, that is awesome!! (show me them!) just making this as I remembered it (this was just on my own, but not labelling it as my idea or anything like that; just wanted to mention in case anyone has come up with this already, otherwise, this is a free public idea, no credit needed or anything)

  • also, these are Hopscotch's characters, so you can keep things in mind related to rights/usage, but this idea is just for using them informally in projects mostly :slight_smile:

  • you are also very welcome to use the above assets :relaxed: (if you click on them, it should come up with the full size one)


also thats a really cool idea


thanks @gryphonroadblocks :))

Also extra note, I don't actually have the subscription right now, so tell me if there are problems with the size or anything :relaxed:


If you can use CSS, you could also stretch the sprite vertically or horizontally.


ooh that would be interesting :o I just know there's a way to do it in Photoshop too (changing image size)


@t1_hopscotch i just tried it in a project, and it turned out much bigger than the regular t-rex character.
the project isn't approved yet.
EDIT: heres an image of the comparison


This is a very cool idea!


Ooh wow okay thank you @gryphonroadblocks :blush:, I'll make it smaller if I can in future then :slight_smile:


Wow this is very cool! This should a challenge for HS!


Another topic that makes no sense to me XXD


Cool suggestion! I like it!


I believe you can scale images you add to projects before importing them.


Photoshop can also do this.


yeah you can. i was just showing him that he has to adjust the default size a bit


This is a very cool topic.
I'm a fridge so I cannae use these images...


Ooh, I remember making this in SketchBook Express (an image sketchpad/manipulator for the iPad)!

I've never thought of using it in Hopscotch before! I was inspired to make this from boredom; it wasn't really driven from anything else. ^^


that is very cool! good job!


Thank you! :D


Haha aww I see it must have been confusing at parts :joy: was it the whole thing that was hard to understand?

Yes! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oooh that is really cool!


It's just that most of the topics have to do with stuff like uhhh
Jason files?
Web IDE code?
Sometimes I'm clueless about the world