Recognizing Amazing Things In Hopscotch that don't get featured!


Let's be honest, we all have that project we have out out blood sweat and tears into. But all the sudden it doesn't get featured. I made this discussion to help recognize the projects or hopscotchers that aren't noticed and work very hard. Put your hopscotch name and link to the project.


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Bruh, that's nominations for featured, this is just for recognizing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Umm this happens when I open the link


Hmm! That's weird. Let me try again.

Does this work?


Yep this link works thx


No problem. Weird! :D


Just saying you spelt recognizing in the title wrong...


I see it as a play on the word code...


Nice project :smile:


Thanks! :D

This is my best project yet!


Cinco de Mayo by HappyHurricane:


I have so many great quizzes... I can't decide...
Next generation drawing pad ^
Math game (talks to you)^
Harry Potter spells music video^