Receycled please do not enter what ever you do!


My mom and dad said if i get on featured once that i will get featured i i cried when i heard we had to pay for the subscription so please i'm not begging you i'm kindly asking you! Thanks My angi fans bye!


I'm confused. What help do you need? What do you mean if you are featured you will be featured?


What? So if you get featured your mom will get you the subscription? I'm confused. But, you can't beg for it. You need to work for it.


I've been trying on 10 accounts now i've been on hopscotch for 4 and a half years never on featured sadly.




Sorry blue dog. I meant to reply to the topic itself.


I just really had the urge to post that somewhere.


Lies. XD

Hopscotch is only three years old. How is that possible?


XD Funny, but please stay on topik! :DD


I believe HS started in 2011/12
But I think accs have only been around since 2012/13


Hopscotch had its third birthday in April 16th, 2016. I think. Idk. xD


Ok I dunno
Probably is 3 years


That's why I apologized
Sorry, sorry, didn't mean to sound angry


It's April 16th not May 16th.


oh yeah XD

thicks for correcting meh! :DD


If you want to be featured, I would say that you should work hard, put effort onto making projects, maybe follow the rubric for the Summer contest which was:

Difficulty to code
Lag/clean functionality
Different blocks used (maybe not so important for featured projects)


I tryed to press 2 years and a half! lol


This is just like those YouTube comments, "if I get __ likes my mom will get me an iPad!! Please!!" I'm sorry, this isn't real.. just my opinion :(


Ok so, I am really confused...what's the problem, and what is the post about? Just wondering! :smile_cat:


Is it if you get top featured you will get the subscription, because that takes work, trust me I know...and I kinda agree with @VanillaOwl if that's the case, it's not real. I hope this doesn't sound too rude...its just my opinion!:smile_cat:


Wait what​:dizzy_face: I thought HS was around for a lot longer than that!