Recent Unnecessary Lounging



I bet this topic gets lounged lol

Recently there has been some unnecessary lounging of topics. Sure, MOST of them were spam, but someone’s general topic even got lounged! I’m not sure if this was spam-lounging or what, but unless there’s a flame war or if someone posts something bad, never EVER lounge the general topic of a non-regular. EVER. This will usually lead to someone making another topic, and when the other one is unlounged, there will be two of the same topic. See the problem here? Plus lounging without a reason is just downright rude. Remember that brief period of time when all help-with-code topics were hidden? If yes, it would feel something like that. Anyway just uhh, don’t lounge topics for no reason. Come on, change them back! I SAID CHANGE THEM BACK!

also if you thought your topic was deleted, no, it was just lounged


EDIT: actually the GT was unlounged, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t important. Remember this!


who cares

i personally think the topic should’ve been lounged so uhh


cool, now I know why my watermelon club was lounged
and I don’t really care about it




What does lounging mean


Me too.(I don’t know what lounging is but it sounds bad)


Well, little Aariv, the lounge is a category that only the regulars can access.


lounging is fine overall. if a topic gets lounged, there’s reasoning behind it. most regulars don’t lounge stuff for no reason.


I’m tempted to lounge this lol
nice topic I agree (unless it’s actually spam)


And by the way,don’t call me little aariv.


Then why was this persons gt lounged. I didn’t see any flame wars or swears or anything


Well, little Aariv, you don’t always get what you want…


who’s ??
i’m actually confused. if i know who it is, i may know why.


Well,many people.




oh, they’ve said some inappropriate stuff. i’m not sure which general topic they did it in, but i’ve seen stuff that shouldn’t be on here.


Well, it wasn’t on theirs


even so, there’s probably reasoning behind it. sunkm has another general topic anyway, and if you’d like to have more power over that type of stuff, you could work really hard to get regular.


People should start making necessary topics.


that’s probably the first thing we can agree on.