Recent Hacking here


(@Liza, @Rodrigo, @AwesomeOnion, this may be worth checking)
If anyone has recently been hacked on their google account or your forum account email (it has been used elsewhere) please comment on it, and explain how you’ve been hacked. This is serious, no trolls.

I just would like to confirm if the forum has anything to do with me being hacked.

I have left, and have been gone for a while, but would still like to see if the forum has anything to do with this.

Please fill out this poll

  • I have been hacked, recently
  • I have not been hacked, recently
  • I have been hacked but not via my forum email account

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Yours sincerely


I do have information on what the software was. Please let me know if I should share.


was it on apple or xbox
actually probably not connected since the most recent one of the two (Xbox) happened 2 weeks ago


I got hacked in there like 2 months ago.


Happy birthday bro!!

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I don’t think i’v been hacked.

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no i haven’t been hacked

but hiiiii blast

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I got hacked recently on discord. I got a lot of pms from a bot. When I checked them the app crashed. Then I got hacked. It got fixed when I changed password and email.


Hm, I think Nindroid has hacked a few of my HS collabs in the past, but other than that, I think I’m good.


I haven’t been hacked, but I recommend this website for anyone that is worried:
You can check if your email is associated with any data breach that has happened.

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Thx lol

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