Recent Forum Spam


Recently there had been a lot of topic spam on the forum. This has been reported to THT and will soon be fixed. To anyone who has created all these spam topics or pressured others into doing it might get a suspension or other punishment. Thank you for your patience.


Hopscotch remixer! Haven’t seen you in a long time!


Oh no. I might get punished!!!

definitely the Roli Curse

Oh noes!!!


True! This is especially from new users to do not know the code of conduct when it comes to creating topics on the forum!

If you are new, make sure you don’t post a topic too often. Spread out your good ideas, so a) more people will click on your topics, and b) it doesn’t clog the forum!


musical cue

:notes:So it’s the song about the people who couldn’t take a joke

Guess it didn’t go down well with the, sensitive folk

Jonny and nindroid may have gone to far

And that’s the first the first chorus, something about a car🎶

piano solo

:notes:Ohhhhhh it looks like these people are yelling over two words

The song, already finished the first two thirds

The people are scared over ‘it’s here’

But I can tell ya the coast is clear🎶



Lol I got suspended dabs


ack you’re back!! omg hi




don’t you think everyone already figured about the spam? i get your trying to to inform people, but everyone already knows right about now

theres no need to make a topic about it lol


What? This directed at me? I can assure you I am not new, SwattiBang(I dont thonk I spelled that right)


It’s @Petrichor and @JonnyGamer. What else would they use hundreds of accounts for?


Ha u cannot trace me back to it now!!!


Jk u probs can I am s… so… sra… can’t say it sry


You didn’t start it

All though you did participate!


I know I didn’t start it
Or did I
But I did make a topic for it and commented on a lot of them


How about this… if you help me get the culprits together we will spare yours and execute the others


What? No! No matter what all of you guys think… I’m not going to change! They are my friends and friends stand up for each other. I wouldn’t help turn them in even if you gave me the opportunity to be in the next 6 sw films!


I’m messin’ with you :smile:

Although this does mean your execution… and your friends’ to


Yep. I get it. Execute away!


Though I seriously am siding with Droidoshan