Rebellious Coders Hopscotch forum Debate Topic



Continuing the discussion from Debate time! HOPSCOTCH PRIZES, So no flagging:

This is for the super cool friendly Hopscotch debate session @Stampys_fans has set up. This is Rebellious Coders' topic to chat and strategize on. I hope everyone who isn't participating minds, this is also just for fun :smile:

Members of Rebellious Coders:
@PopTart0219- Eastern Time Zone
@RobotPro- Eastern Time Zone (I think...)
@RubyWolf1- Australian Time Zone
@AmazingAlphaAquaWolf- Central Time Zone
@CreativeCoder- Pacific Time Zone

Issue One:
How strict should we be on the forum?

Comment below opinions, and I'll put into polls our standing :slightly_smiling:


It's a cool name @PopTart0219


We should be strict so kids ain't gonna be mean and say inappropriate things

I came up with the name


Not too strict that we are in a utopia society (pretty sure used that word correctly), but not so leniant that it doesn't help anyone. More to the strict side.

Any comments?


Strict so the forum has a purpose.
A bit o' fun so it's not Monotone Valley.


Hold on, everyone comment time zones please


I'm in Pacific Time...


I'm in the central time zone


Oh sorry cool name great job


Australian central time zone


Get your points in on this, we are debating at your night (pretty sure, I'm not the best with time zones and geography) :wink:


Sorry, but, are you gonna say to be strict or to be very unstrict?,remember, answer can't be between the 2 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


poll time i will make it


(im near Australia)


@AmazingAlphaAquaWolf is making the polls, but I'm pretty sure we are strict :wink:


Cool! So, when would we do the debate, as time zones conflict with this


Strict so people don't be mean or something


Are we strict or not

  • Strict
  • Not Strict



I'll ask you to orgonize your team, OS1 hers, if I'm here, and if both are reafy, debate time!, or we can orgonize every person!?, your choice (your more responsible than me I think)