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Ok so I need a bunch of help.

#How in the world do you make something globally editable?

That’s all I need to know because multiple of my other topics I want to be globally editable


Click the ...
Click the rench.
Click "make wiki"
Edit: never mind. You can't do that unless you are a regular.


1) become a regular

or, alternatively

1) become a leader


I think this is a great question :)) if you ever need anything to be globally editable, you can just tag me and I'll do that for you (if I can)

Edit: ooh okay, I can do that for you. Which topics would you like? (You can link them)

Oh wait-

I can only add a reply and make that globally editable. Can't do other people's posts.


Hm, yeah. Like this one.
I is a ghost btw so....

Hi!- elfy


Lol. I love your post:)


I originally said, "Hm, yeah, like this one."