Reasons Why Chi's A Fail



Heya. If you got that reference, we have to talk. Alright. I am a terrible person. I procrastinate so so so so SO much. I don't ever do game requests unless I like them. I have pending art requests from February. And, of course, people never stay in my collabs... sigh... Anyways! Just know that if I ignore your request, I'm just a terrible person who has no control over an overwhelming feeling to play Undertale. And eat marshmallows covered in peanut butter. Yes, I procrastinate by eating. I go to those lengths to avoid doing things. And my topics alway just die, especially the collabs. Erk. Anyways, this topic is for your flaws! Don't post if you don't want. But if you have a reason you're a fail like me that relates to Hopscotch in some way, then let us know so we don't judge you like many have to me.




You are not a failure. You are amazing in your own unique ways.


@PopTart0219, not necessarily a close :joy:.

@Sparkczy, you're awesome! I would reword it a bit so it seems more positive.



Dan, duh….
^ why did I type that
Really all over the place (I mean, seriously, I don't finish _ because I'm doing _, which is stopped because of a new project, which is stopped because of another project) and very lazy (even to the point where I use the less efficient way which takes less work)


Oh! I'm sorry, it was a joke from the internet. :sweat_smile: There's a YouTuber named danisnotonfire who made a video series called "Reasons Why Dan's A Fail." I decided to do something based off of that.


You guys already know my answer to this question.


I procrastinate too much. I mean too much. Like I will watch youtube or try to do anything to get out of doing something.Once I asked for requests and only did 2. When there were still 9 people who asked for one. I know, I just really didn't want to do them because one takes 1-2 hours to make and I really didn't want to use my time making more of the same thing. I know, so wrong ._.


@Sparkczy He's awesoeme! I have the book! (Sorry OT)


Me too! I'm also going to one of their shows, if that's what it's called.



Mostly, I don't even have the motivation to make ANYTHING.
The ONLY reason I made Two Nights at Jody's was for a very good friend who I left behind to move to Perth. Now I just can't make anything. That's why I haven't posted in WEEKS


Prrrrrrooooooocccccrrrrrrraaaaassssstttttt... I'll finish that sentence right before My IPad dies... But for now...

DONUT!!!!! =D


I have a serious problem with procrastination too. I even meet with a teacher some days. It's because I have an (not bragging) amazing memory. I figure I can study three minutes before the tests, and I get really stressed. I also talk a lot. I'm not a favorite with the teachers.:sweat_smile: I'm also very spacey. I go off into my own little world a lot. Don't worry @Sparkczy you are not alone. You're not a fail, and you're awesome!


I have a big problem with losing my.... Wait, what was I going to say? Oh yeah and... Meh... I'll finish this post later
(Get my drift?)


Not really. Mostly memory. Sometimes a whole half hour will erase out of my head. It happened once when somebody did a presentation, and my friend had to tell me that the presentation happened and tell me what happened in it. Once that happened to an entire day, the day some friends and I built a fort. They thought I had gone loopy when I told them I didn't think I built any of it.


I have a bit of a problem being late. :joy: Oh and I have the attention spa of a two year old. That's why I can't make games. I get bored. I have a bunch of unfinished game drafts.


It's telling me I have to wait before deleting anything else... Oh yeah... I have terrible patience.


I feel ya! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Okay, this is SOO not related to the topic, but how do I make my own topic? I've done it before, but I've tried looking for a topic button or something like that but I never can figure out how. I am so sorry for wasting all your guy's time. xc