Reasons for quitting


Hello everyone! I wanted to shed some spotlight on why people may be leaving. (These are only the main reasons I can think of this doesn't include all reasons)

Reasons for leaving:

Attention: MANY, MANY, people use this motive to make them feel good. If someone claims they are going to leave because of this motive it is usually never long (and/or) never happens because of support.

Bullyîng: People often leave hopscotch because they are being bullied because of it. This is a prime time once people hit middle school. Other peers tell them hopscotch is lame ect. and discourage hopscotchers.

Moving on: One of the last main reasons is that people grow out of hopscotch and move on to more difficult coding or just move on to different interests. People do this for their own well being, not because of anyone but themselves.

Heated arguments: The last reason is because of disagreements on the forum/hopscotch. People can tend to gang up on hopscotchers when disagreeing.



Does this seem accurate?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. For the most part...
  4. Sorta...



Yes and sorry but me and @Dude73 already has a topic it is There's little kids on hopscotch so please search some key words before posting!


This is different; he's saying some reasons why people may be leaving, they're not leaving because of little kids on Hopscotch.


What isn't right?


No the title is There's little kid's on hopscotch but I 've got some things about quitting exactly like his and some other people made this topic!


@tankt2016 said another reason people quit was because of LGBT people teaching about it. Which is not true


There's also the "Silent quit". It's when a hopscotcher leaves with no explanation or warning.


No, LGBT flame wars.
And religion criticism.


Yes I agree ! LGBT isn't bad it's there right to be LGBT so yeah...


People start those, but nobody's left because of them :wink:
Thanks for clearing that up though


SmileyAlyssa did a "silent break". A silent quit, except she just took a break.


Rawrbear almost did, a lot of other people almost did too.


almost is not the same as completely :wink:


Yes, but they almost did. No has actually left tho.


Who has officially left?
EDIT: Or has nobody left


Everything under this line is henceforth related to this topic and not matters discussed above this line


When I leave, it's either because:

  1. I have a school iPad, so if I don't save enough to money to buy my own by summer, I will have to take a real off of Hopscotch

  2. The third one you mentioned, I will have to move on eventually!


Understand that kids get older, and may not want to do it anymore, it is reasonable that they move on so don't take offence from it guys!!!


@Candycane and @SmileyAlyssa agreed.