Reason For Inactivity -CK30



Sorry I have been inactive on HS.
This week I have been sick with the stomach bug and couldn't really get to my iPad very well. I'm almost completely better though! :3
I try to go on HS as much as I can, as homework started to pile up. I rarely have homework now though due to PASS testing and all that boring stuff. I will be more active over the summer but sadly, most of my HS frens only have school iPads (。 ˇ‸ˇ 。)
I hope you understand, if you have any questions, I am more active on HS but you can reply to this topic also, as I regularly check the forum.
Best Regards,


Anyone who wants to be added to this list just tell me and I will add you.


Okay, hope you get better!


Ok! We will miss you!
Hope you feel better too! I had the stomach bug, I didn't like it.


Hai, frendo!!!

I hope u feels better!


Thx to everyone!!!
I would give u all Virtual hugs bat I'm sick (HeHe)
Hope u all have a nice day!


I am home sick from school today so I feels you


Get well soon! ^-^ ^-^


Can I be on ur list?

I hope u finish ur homework!


I'm not sick anymore! Yay!