Reappearance – A Mass Idea List

OK, I spent all night working on it, so here it is: ( there were a few like the ones AE had )
Ok so every now and then, I get an idea for something in hopscotch. here is a complete, long and boring list.
(I’m still working on it)

my ideas
Looking at someone's profile and projects
Follow count

Basically, under the follow button, it would be nice to see how many followers this person has (This has been suggested many times, but I feel it needs to be brought up again.)

Pinned project

Yeah, fine, scratch has it but, I think it would be useful you work hard on a project that you work really hard on. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, a pinned project would be a project selected by the creator that would appear on top of his/her profile

Custom thumbnails

did you ever think: Wouldn’t it be way easier and better if we could just add our own thumbnail instead of having to code one every time"? No? Just me? Well, nevertheless it is a cool concept and what I’m suggesting here is that when publishing, we could choose to add an old style thumbnail (from in-game) or a custom thumbnail (an image)
P.S.: a thumbnail is the image you see before opening the game

Profile (needs different name)

A button when looking at someone’s profile that shows you their description
a basic list of thing in profile:

Mini list in the list
  • Featured count (IDK how that would work now)
  • Bio (Like on the forum)
  • Location (Like on the forum(Meaning a joke not your real city and street))
  • website (I feel like hopscotch should be a bit more like the forum)
Project description

Self-Explanatory. (It’s just a description of the project)

Remix count

Also pretty self-Explanatory. (Shows how many remixes the project has.)

Animated thumbnails

Animated thumbnails?
@tankt2016 has a topic about it.

set image pattern

this might be a complicated one but I would love it in HS. It’s basically something that makes you put a pattern / image on a shape (Image, text, color, …)

Examples of how to use it and a pixel art

The variables section feels empty. Here is what we should fill it with:

sound control

Variables to Control Sound
@Awesome_E’s topic explains it

Cloud Variables

I have a topic about this: (I’m just filling the list):


Strings are variables that contain text. Example:
Set string (String) to “Hello this is a string”
wait 500
Set string (String) to “I’m making it seem pointless but it’s pretty useful”


For when strings come:
Join joins two things. To be precise, here is an example:
Set text to (Join (text "Your Score: ") + (Score Variable)
You see on screen
Your score: 50


For all you people who think this is the mass copy scratch list, it’s not! Lists are in many coding languages and are variables with multiple variables in them. (Example:
add (“Hello”) to list (List Test)
add (“Bye”) to (List test)
set text to( item (1) on (List Test) )


These are pretty good ideas, I think they would all be cool additions to Hopscotch.


THT does not want HS to be like social media. That is why they do not implement follow count. And others have said that it could lead to bragging.


HS for Android would be GOLDEN for the community with sooooo much more people

Maybe a follow count but it’s not public

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That can still lead to bragging because people might announce it in public.

That is a good idea though.

Thanks, @Awesome_E, some of your suggestions are already in progress. As always super helpful.

More info later.


Hey Ana if we included ae’s idea of stars, maybe you could make an algorithm for trending based on how many stars a project gets?


I disagree with the follow count and whole profile tab.
Everything else looks good


Nice and interesting ideas! Well written.


That might work, depending on the users

@FearlessPhoenix i also agree with all of Fundardo’s ideas except follow count. You can already see that in metadata if you really care enough about it, as for a count in the app anyone could easily post it and bam social media. Also most of the thigs under profile could be your recommended


Decrease variables is unnecessary. Just put negative in the increase

And the follow count may be discouraging to newer hops

But other than those 2 I like the ideas!


It would be faster


How would it be any faster in the project than an increase with a negative input?


Faster to code I think


Well, it would be a single button istead of each time having to add multiply by -1

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It wouldn’t.
If anything it’d be slower because you’re adding a whole new block when it’s not needed.


It takes like 2 seconds longer though…

  • Decrease Variable Block would look fine
  • Eh, it’s not necessary and just takes up space

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There’s literally a - button