Reappearance – A Mass Idea List

We all know it, Hopscotch, is dying has significantly decreased in popularity.

I have quite a few ideas, and it would be quite inefficient to make a topic about each one.
Yes I have seen these circulate as well, and I know some are copied, but I added on to each one.
Also, they tie in with each other

Changing Scenes (Plus New Ideas)
  • Those of you who use my shortcut or secret blocks, you already know what this is. If you don’t, here’s a quick summary: A scene is like a stage, and you can have multiple of these. They are like “rooms”, and using my shortcut, you can switch between these both in the editor and using a block.
  • I would love to see a fully implemented version, where you can edit each scene from the editor, concept images below.

    Scenes can be removed, selected, or renamed.
    meh the stuff below is just too complicated
  • For the change scene block, I’d like to also see “transitions”. That would be amazing.
  • There could be built-in and custom transitions. Built in transitions could include powerpoint-like effects, like fade, slide, zoom, etc. Custom transitions would use an image file and would use it as a mask. Take the image below for an example:
  • This would code for a slide effect starting from the bottom, as darker pixels transition first. Adobe Premier Pro uses this technique for custom transitions, Final Cut Pro I don’t think so (unless you have Motion?).
  • The change scene block in my concept (bad paint sketchup edition):
    Scene Parameter, image parameter
  • Yes, I know this is on the roadmap, but it needed some more design
Destroy Object – Just one more step

That’s pretty self-explanatory. We just need the game not to freeze when any trait of a deleted object is referenced (e.g. z-layer, clone index, etc. – z layer is accessed when a deleted object tries to bring to front or send to back). Yes, I know this is on the roadmap.

Channels? They still need changes?

I love the new channels and all, but I just want to add a few things:

  • Maybe a Music category?
  • The channel order is a little jumbled up. Currently, it is: Featured, 2 curated channels, remixes, following, more curated channels, Announcements, and Newest. It should be: Featured, Following, Remixes, Newest, Announcements, Hopscotch, Challenges, Templates, the rest.
  • Special shoutout to the cofounder @AwesomeOnion for incorporating my idea of “newest” as curated, whether you saw my suggestion in the random place I posted it or if it just came into your mind. Otherwise, that would have been a suggestion right here.
Profile and UI Changes, it's been a while
  • I’d like to see a “recommended” tab under the profile. Users can “star” a project and it will be organized in their “recommended” tab.
  • It’s like favorites, but the starred count is not public, and you can rearrange your recommendations by dragging and dropping.
  • You can resize project tiles, maybe like Windows 10 “Live Tiles”
  • It’s somewhat like designing a webpage, but not really. Text should not be a feature (obvious reasons, too much moderation)
  • The thumbnail of a project (this would also make it so that a title doesn’t have to be so short to fit. Also, take a look at how there is a remix counter

    @Dylan329 You’re welcome
  • If you look at HS JSON, number of likes = “number_of_stars” on the project. Just thought I’d mention that, although number of stars (recommendations) would not need to be stored.
Project Options

image image image
3 instead of 2. The third one is project options.
Options in it:

  • Allow open-source (when remixed, no remix bar)
  • Stage Size (width, height)
  • Base Object Scale
  • Version
  • You get the idea: Most traits modified with one click in my shortcut
  • Save Abilities as Default (see next point)
  • Save Progress: A local save file is created when you leave the project while playing the published version so you can pick it up next time. Deletes when you press restart then exit. Under project options because only certain projects would use it.
Preset Abilities and Custom Rules

This is a feature I have not seen mentioned anywhere by anyone else. Here’s how it works:

  1. You can save it through “project options”.
  2. Click “save abilities as default” and they become your default abilities when you create a new project.
  3. Maybe also put a “reset default abilities” under the settings dropdown that currently exists (top right).
Forced Subscription to Start + 15 Projects

This is what really limits Hopscotch in its current form. Hopscotch can be very powerful, especially since projects are so “moddable”.
Before this goes down, I do acknowledge this limit and it is very reasonable.

  1. New coders coming in should be greeted with a message that tells them that they have 15 free projects when they sign up instead of being forced to “try for a week” with the account (+ payments?)
  2. When they reach this limit, you can notify them that subscribing will remove the limit.
  3. If the projects made are all code and not chat and some are curated-worthy, then mods should remove the limit for these users.
  4. About the statement above, I know it can get controversial, but code-related accounts should not be limited to a certain number of projects. Feel free to discuss this, as I’m sure many of you disagree with me to some degree
This explains itself, but please read it
  • Hopscotch for Android! I know this has been stated before, but here’s why:
  1. You’re opening to a new market and audience! An announcement for a coding app on Android would grab attention, especially if it wins an award due to several cool, unique features. Think about how many users this would bring in.
  2. People can code from more devices. Coders can code more often from a separate device!
  3. Variety! You now have a community of both Android and iOS users. Most of us here are biased like myself and say iOS is better, but keep in mind that 75% of smartphones run Android, and 22% run iOS (other 3% is insignificant to most people). That should’ve been under number 1 but whatever. Think of an audience 4 times the size of what it is now.

Title is Reappearance because Hopscotch could draw in lots more attention with a huge update and unique features and a flood of new members could be introduced to our community.

lmk if you know any examples in other languages / apps or if you have a question

@⁣omtl – I’d like to your thoughts on how this could affect the Hopscotch app and how it could potentially make a come back. Apologies if this tag was not appropriate, if so please only one person let me know, thanks.


My first reply as per usual thanks

What do you agree on?

  • Changing Scenes
  • Destroy Object
  • Channels Improvements
  • Profile and UI Changes
  • Project Options
  • Preset Abilities and Custom Rules
  • Forced Subscription to Start + 15 Projects
  • Hopscotch for Android

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What do you disagree on?

  • Changing Scenes
  • Destroy Object
  • Channels Improvements
  • Profile and UI Changes
  • Project Options
  • Preset Abilities and Custom Rules
  • Forced Subscription to Start + 15 Projects
  • Hopscotch for Android

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Announcements and then hs.

But I do agree with the rest


Yeah that’s what I meant, changed it


@FearlessPhoenix is the transition thing just a bit too complicated?


These are some amazing ideas! Very interesting things that should be added.
Thanks for including my project :joy:

This could “revive” hopscotch?!


@GweTV @FearlessPhoenix What do you think about the scene UI without the whole transition thing? Or is it just custom transitions that are too confusing to most people?


I say yes but a thing the same time, it’s also not.

I disagree with most of the change scene things because that still is all stuff that can be done manually. And if users are just given all of these things, they put in less effort and it should like everything is just given to them.
It’s almost like with all of these things, hs would just give you options , like in a character creator , and you just pick what you want and have a game. A game that would normally take a very long time and a lot of effort to make had the presets not been there.

The transition things seem way over the top and excessive. Changing scenes in editor and all does too.


Oh, it’s just like “rooms” in something like Game Maker Studio. I see what you mean though. Plus, it’s already partially in the code for the app, and it’s on the roadmap.


Yeah ik I got what you meant but yeah y’know lol


Nice ideas

I’d love to see the destroy object block implemented


Awesome ideas, AE!


This is awesome! I’d love to see the scenes!


These are amazing ideas! I agree with everything.
But also, put the other secret blocks into the editor as well. (E.G. Create A Clone Times, etc)


Great idea!


i dont want a 15 project limit at all!!!


Yeah, that’s kinda what I did, forgot clone times


Is it better if I publish my mass idea list here or should I make another topic?


Put it here, I can add it to post 1


The forced subscription is a bad idea in itself.
Woah. All my used to be hopscotching real friends are saying they turned this community into a school and that’s why it’s losing popularity. They have a point, as much as I want to disagree with them. All the payments and extra features that need some sort of payment are making most Hopscotchers not very happy. Remember what happened when HS charged people only $10 for the app?
Major rage attack.