Really weird draft?


Ok so i have found a strange draft in my drafts that wasnt there before
This is wat it looks like

So as you can see there is no name and a blank white screen with a gray hopscotch symbol on it these colors are also different from a draft that has not been played since you logged in on that account
Also if you try to play the project hopscotch crashes i dont know what happens if you try to delete or rename it but if you have seen anything like this before then please tell me!

The Update Topic
I have weird drafts that I didn't make
A bug found on the Hopscotch app, can THT fix this?
Is this a bug on hopscotch?

This looks weird. Maybe you should email The Hopscotch Team and tell them?


It might even be a deleted draft! The proof is hard to explain


It's either from a really old version of Hopscotch, or all the text in the json got deleted.


No this is the newest version of hopscotch the one that came out a couple of days ago and also that draft didnt exist before the update and I didnt actaully make any drafts since then so i dont know


Ok so if you try renaming the draft then hopscotch crashes and deleting it actually works and im super happy but the draft appeared again!!!!:triumph:


And now a second one appeared im officially

Freaking out!


what's your hopscotch username?


the account that this happened on is background inc.


Very weird. We see them and they are weird.

We will look further into why this is happening.

A few things for now:

Can you try to delete them?
Can you figure out exactly what steps you take to create them?

Otherwise I would recommend logging in and logging out after you delete them.

Let me know how this goes.


@thomas I'm having a problem. My drafts keep getting deleting from my phone. They are still perfectly fine on my iPad - all intact - but trey vanish off my phone…


Are the two on different versions?

Also do you mean literally 100% of your drafts aren't showing up on your phone?


Yeah. Yesterday I went on my phone and saw I had no drafts. Then I went on my iPad and they were there - all of them.

Now I have three on my phone…

Idk if it's "versions" because both are updated

It could be just slow refreshing or something, @thomas


Btw @thomas, there is a glitch, mainly with the iPhone that I've been having for a long time: with trails, sometimes the trail just sharply goes somewhere and goes back to the Last Touched…



maybe its normal idk?? Its been happening to me since ive started hopscotch... I didnt mind it


I know. It's been there for a long time for me too. I do mind it because it integers with and ruins drawings. It's also an occasional occurrence on the iPad too - but more seldomly apparent.


@KVJ im not really a drawing sort of person so it doesnt bug me but its annoying sometimes.
I think it happens because when you go on editing and you look at the screen where you can move all the characters and text, the spike usually goes to point where when the game starts, where the ball or cross start point is.
This might be confusing but... eh


It's supposed to follow the Last Touch X and Y... But that glitches so it goes to some random X and Y…
@thomas, could this be fixed soon please ?


Did you try when game starts set x and y last touch and y? @KVJ


It's already set. And it's not that project, it happens on most kinds of drawing projects