Really Odd Project Idea That I Figured I'd Try



So, I'm a little (ok, maybe a lot) obbsesed with Hamilton, the Broadway musical. Infact, I force @Sparkczy to listen to me attempt to rap one of the songs every day! She loves it. Anyhow, I thought to myself as I'm sitting in my bed coding and listening to Hamilton, "I could make a Hopscotch parody of this..." SO I DID!!! I'm very impulsive. But, for this to succeed, there's something else I need! YOU KNOW!


I need three names of famous Hopscotchers to incorporate into the lyrics.
I need two three syllable names and one two syllable name.
I HAVE CHOSEN! I'm using

A background!

I really need a cool background, so it doesn't look so plain and boring.


I won't actually need music for the project.

Project Information

The song that it's based off is "The Schuyler Sisters" by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Go listen to it if you want. It has no cursing or innapropriate stuff. But some of the other songs on the soundtrack do, so only listen to them if you're allowed to. (And don't bring that stuff to Hopscotch. I've caused enough trouble allready, and I don't want to be blamed for that too.) So, that's about it! And if you do want to participate, I'll give you (and Mr. Lin) credit. If you have any questions about the project, ask em.

Thanks in advance!


Nice idea! But I don't really consider myself famous :P


Wait you do?
Lol. Ok. Ask @Anonymous. He's da pro.


Do you not remember history??



This is an awesome idea!
I'm pretty good at backgrounds if you want some help!


Hmm would. Would You consider me @MagmaPOP and @Gilbert189 famous?


I do consider you famous, but your name has too many syllables.


Yeah if you really wanted you could say fluffybear or hugabear!


And thanks!:smiley:


Can I join? Even though we aren't too famous...


I would love to incorporate you, but tankt is only one syllable.


What about the '2016'?


I'm not going to use numbers. It throws off the beat of the song.


Too bad.


I would appreciate that!


What would you like the background to be like? A certain theme? Or just an attention grabber?


Do I have the right number of syllables?


Could I be in it? I have two syllables in my Hopscotch name. But do you consider me famous?


pls accept me


@Phase_Admin @Sparkczy @tankt2016 I've decided who to use. Check the original post. @SnowGirl_Studios Sorry I took so long to reply! I was hoping to have it resemble this theater

If that's too much, just a brick wall, or something super bright.