Really important


Ok. Here's the story. Yesterday I posted a topic. It was for @LotsaPizza. To explain that I haven't done stuff with her for a reason and questions too. Anyway, next day I looked in my 'forum activity' or whatever and it said I got 2 replys. I pressed on it and it said in big bold letters...
Your access is valid for this topic

Or something like that. Then it all disappeared, the topic, the replys... EVERYTHING

Guys, I know you can help me. Especially...

@Anonymous (if someone hacked or something)
@LotsaPizza(coz... Topic was 'bout you!)
(Does @system anything to do with this...:stuck_out_tongue:)


Did you post it in the lounge? Because it says your a member and I remember that topic in lounge I think... Idk


It Was Probaly Put In Lounge And You Got Pushed Down To Member. Sorry!