Really important question! (urgent, must read)


i have been think lately and i have finally been able to ask a question for you and this is the question...

Would the forums be better off without me?

  • yes
  • no


Votes are public.

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Of course everyone is going to say no!


thanks but i must at least ask...


Why would it be better without you? The forums is awesome with everybody!


i say again



Nobody is going to say yes, even if they actually feel that way.


You shouldn't leave! :3
I think it's best to have a unique and diverse forum community, and we can't have that without a lot of users!


im jk brit pls dont hurt me


I'm only voting yes because you are asking this for no good reason.


Of course not! You're not a bad influence, you're very much the opposite :smiley:




You are an awesome member of the community! It's your decision if you want to leave, but I want you to stay!


don't worry sebastion just don't say my name on the forums.


well anyone that just read that now knows my name... :stuck_out_tongue: great, oh well.


WHAT? @Murphy1 why did you say no?


Y tho


I voted yes because she is asking for no good reason at all. If she will be a person who does this kind of thing, I honestly don't want them to stay. Call me rude if you want, flag it for being offensive. She asked a question, I answered.


It seems kind of rude not to say yes but to say call me rude, flag me. Maybe you could make it seem friendlier by saying "I voted because that's my opinion. It's ok if you don't accept it"


She probably wanted to know what people think of her which is a pretty good reason to me! Sometimes you need other people's opinions! Most of those votes are truthful!


That not what I meant

@Nerd4Ever Explains it