Really important question that I need answers for


So please don't flag because this is related to hopscotch

So basically my parents want to send me to germany for two weeks to stay with cousins except my parent aren't coming. It will be just me and my cousins who don't speak English. They are sort of giving me an option on whether or not i want to go. I've traveled loads jut not by myself

Here's where it related to hopscotch and the forum: if I go for 2weeks then I won't be able to code or be on the forum. I'm not allowed to speak any English while in Germany so I won't be able to communicate on the forum. And I can't code cause I won't have a lot of time. The reason I can't speak English is because they want me to be fluent in German

So should I go or not? Please comment ur opinion


I think you should go! That's a great opportunity and not many people get to go to Germany! Also, 2 weeks away from the forum won't ki.ll you, lol.


Do you want to? We'll miss you, but if you think you have a great time, you should definitely go! :slight_smile:


U never know XD I have been on the forum a lot lately so it will be weird


Idk if I want to go. Like it will be awesome but at the same time my German isn't very good so I'm gonna have trouble. What's gonna be even worse is paying for stuff cause I dont know Germanmoney


It's your choice. :slight_smile:
Why trust a random smol potato on the forum? :3




I think you should go, it's an amazing opportunity!

Don't let wanting to be on the forum take you away from irl activities :D life is wayyyy more important than the Internet!

It's ur choice :D


It's really up to you, but I think you should go!

It would be cool to learn German, and it would be interesting to go to Germany! It'll be fine, the forum isn't going to go anywhere XD


Are your awesome 6 siblings going too? Btw, I have 6 siblings as well. :)

It's really up to you, but I think you should go. After all, you are 12, and matire enough to make your own descisions.


How much german do you speak?


It's your choice! Although to be honest, I would go so you can become a good German speaker!


That's so cool! I don't know many ppl that have as many siblings as I do. Are they crazy?

And I'm the only one going....
My older bro takes Spanish and my twin takes French. My other siblings are too young


I speak enough German. But I can't have a full on conversation yet. But my mom is fluent so she's trying to help me



Deutschland is an awesome country! I went there in June btw!

Have fun there and feel free to speak in Deutsch mit me!!

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I say go, but it's your choice.


Your choice but I'd recommend YES.


Hallo :D


I think if you really really don't want to go then don't! But if you do then take a shot at it! Go ahead!


Totally go! That's so cool! The forum is not as close to important to reall life! Don't miss out on an amazing opportunity!