Really cool Optical Illusion!


I made a really cool Optical Illusion and I thought you should see it!!
Optical Illusion!!!

I hope you like it, and if you're wondering, I got this illusion from This Video and I absolutely love this channel, so if you like Science check out the channel! His channel is AsapSCIENCE.

I hope you like the Optical Illusion!!!


You should make a loading screen so people can't see what actually happens.


But that kinda ruins the illusion...


@Kiwicute2015 why would I do that exactly?!? It's cool to see it come it and BOOM!!! A really cool bar!!!


It's kind of obvious that the grey bar is one color when you do that. With a loading screen, you can't quite tell that's it's one color.


@Kiwicute2015 and why do I want them to not know it's real color?!?? Then they won't know it's an illusion and that ruins the point.....


I've watched ASAPscience! They're really cool! Scishow is also very cool


Then afterwards, have a button that says click me to see the truth, etc. and it shows that it's one single bar. That makes it more eye catching, and prompts people to want to see the answer, thus playing your project.


@Kiwicute2015 but the thumbnail,is the illusion so they will want to find out, thus entering the project.


I agree with @Kiwicute2015, it would be a cool way to show the illusion.


But once in the project, it loses the interest a bit. Just a suggestion. You don't have to take it. :wink:


@Kiwicute2015 oh, that's still counted as a view so..........
Also watching a text say LOADING is probably more boring than watching a cool background form in........
I'm not taking the offense.....


I made this a long time ago but with a loading screen :confused:

I made it 15 weeks ago...