Really Cool Hopscotch Project!



Hi! I was playing Hopscotch projects earlier, and I found this one!! It’s really cool!! :D

The way the blades spin looks awesome! And the colors are beautiful!! (^-^)

Try it out! ;D


Well… maybe it’s cool… are you really sure you needed to make a topic about it? Just asking.


Well since I thought it was really cool and that more people should see it, I made a topic about it! This is the Hopscotch forum, after all ;D


This is a single topic, with a single project. The forum has limited space, so we have to improvise to make the limited topics useful and beneficial.

I love the idea, and the project is super cool, but do you think you can use this topic for multiple projects like that? Instead of making a topic for each one, you can use this one for all of the cool projects you find around HS.


Sure!! :D


Awesome! That’ll be a much more efficient use of this topic. :D