Really big project


ok, as the title says, I'm working on a huuuuugggge project (in tynker) that may take me away from hopscotch a bit, (i'm not leaving) but definitely from scratch for a while, here is a more official statement on scratch, it's just a slightly more in depth wording of this itself, anyway, i'll still be on the forums quite a bit, and hopscotch almost as often as I usually do (my wifi's out, so that's y the almost) sooo... yeah, that's it, feel free to ask questions



Does this make me... Dum b?


Nope, I can't D:


As far as drawing goes, Tynker on the pc isn't as easy to use as Scratch. It took me aprox 2 months of casual use to get the hang of the drawing tools on Tynker. Other than that the coding is pretty much identical to Scratch with extra blocks to use that Scratch doesn't have.


And is available on iPad!


Unfortunately the drawing tools on the Tynker website version aren't on the ipad Tynker app
But you can download any pics/sounds you make on the Tynker website to the ipad Tynker app.


I find it scratch w/ more blocks, and scratch is hopscotch with more blocks and a character/background/sounds editor

also I <3 the javascript text, it makes me feel like i'm doing super complicated stuffs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


i also like the physics blocks and the set shape blocks on Tynker that can make sprites act like solid objects when they collide


I haven't yet messed around with the physics blocks yet, Ima post what I have soon


idk how to publish on tynker... (is a tynker noob) does it have to do with the fact that I just joined?


After you login to Tynker you'll see screens and names of projects you've made.
Click the SHARE square in the bottom right hand corner of a projects screen.
You can then enter an email addr-ess and a link to that project will be sent by email.
You can copy/paste that link to the forum here.
I've embedded Tynker games to a website i made but they won't embed on this forum due to the restrictions here.
You can only share a project using the Tynker website.
Here's a link to a Tynker game i made where you have to tap ants to kill them before they reach a cookie on a plate in the centre of the screen.
This can be played with a mouse by clicking on the ants but i coded the game for the ipad and tapping the screen is allot easier.

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