Realistic Object Projects?


Hey! I'm looking to make my next big project, and I want it to be a simple, yet elegant and cool object, like @CreationsOfaNoob's torch!

Anyone have any ideas?

Wohoo! Tilted Sin/Cos trails!

A glass! :D


An iPad, opened to the forums!


Try making... A sword! Or like SS said, a glass! Maybe some sort of fishbowl? A fruit? A food? An eye? A speaker? A computer? Wait, should we nuke this topic?!!!!


Maybe an amazing realistic decorated sphere? For an example, look on 2HappyCoders's account, I drew the sphere.


How about a light bulb! Lol that was random xD


He said elegant…But cool pun! He needs a lightbulb for ideas, a lightbulb is the icon for an idea! He needs lightbulbs!


Can you do a paintbrush?


Ooh! Great idea! I'll try it!


Of course it doesn't have to look like that, but, you know, something similar.


It's a start! Criticism?


Where da paintbrush gonna go?

It's good!

Here's a little challenge: Try to make the "paint" more rough and 3 dimensional, as the edges aren't all smooth! This is extremely difficult, but I think you can do it!


The right side, where the paint ends! I'll make it at an angle.


Whoa! That looks really, really, really good! :open_mouth::thumbsup:


@Kiwicute2016, like this?


Yeah! But maybe even rougher, just not crazy rough!


Lol didn't even mean for it to be a pun xD




I know, I turned it into one!


Anyone know a simple way to make a sin/cos trail at a 45 degree angle?