Real Story....I'm Not New



Okay guys. I know, if you scroll down to the bottom of my hopscotch, it says "I need tips".
But I'm old, I joined hopscotch when it wasn't cool.
So how?
My old account. I knew nothing about this new drawing stuff because it was new. I knew nothing about how to publish anything. I knew nothing at all.

My old account, is old. I'm very proud of the stuff on it, and I think you guys should check it out! Someone must've liked my username and made one called Vaporeon3​:laughing:.


I'm the one from were you couldn't draw. I'm outraged this person tried to be just like me, but I don't care anymore, really.

Check it out! You could judge my coding skills (not my spelling skills) from that account.

I forgot how to code good btw.

But I enjoy it a lot and I could do it!


k sorry
but [noun][number] is pretty common for a username


Okey :3

I know that you are not new


So, I liked the updated title, but I just fixed it xD.