Real life art club


Hi guys
So I have been wanting to start a real life art club for a while. Now I am. It's basically an art club but instead of drawing on hopscotch you draw it in real life take a pic and post it. I am only admitting 15-25 people so it doesn't get too confusing. And also if you are @LotsaPizza or @ColourfulBlack I will let u in the club without even having to ask me just bcos u guys are AMAZING! But everyone else (including u @PearlRULEZ) if u would like to be in the club, give me 2 examples of ur art and your hopscotch username (so I can follow u) and then i n about a month ill let u know who is in.
Thanks for reading


Can I join? (How is the collab coming? Just wondering.) :grinning:


Can I join too?? I love art!


But firstcould u show me a pic of kne of your drawings in real life


Collab is going ok
Havnt had much time but i add to it whenever im on hopscotch
U canjoin too but first i need to see a pic of ur drawings in real life


Ok! Here are some of mine.


Your definetly in
Your such an awsome artist
I love the way you draw hands
I am rubbish at them XP




Wow this topic is really dead


So true and I joined this club! :smile:


is it still open? sorry if i am late
thx! @xXIshaRulezXx


OMG yasss
U r like my fav artist In the world (not kidding)
It is still open but I have been super busy with my school work :frowning:
But u can join of course
And I promise the first challenge will be on Thursday


waz your hopscotch name? @xXIshaRulezXx


You are such a wonderful artist!!!


Can I join??? But be warned I'm horrible at drawing on paper...


It is the same. :D


I actually have two
My first and original one is IshaD which I use for remixes and stuff like that
My second one xXIshaRulezXx is my one that I use to code games


Sure anyone can join


@Dude73 @ColourfulBlack @Goobrgrlrye @KawaiiAnimeLuver
Remember the first challenge will be posted tomorrow


Scan I join? This is my art IRL username is Tropicalkiwi​:cherry_blossom: