Real Coding vs. Hopscotch Coding (What will It be?)



Hey, hopscotchers! I code 'real coding' and my dad wants me to go in a UNC (University of Chapel Hill College) Program for that (And I'm 8.) Also I code Hopscotch coding that gives me a break from the real coding that I do. It's a Balanced amount of coding that I do throughout the day. I don't even know which one I like better, Real Coding vs. Hopscotch Coding let's see the pros for both of those.

Real Coding Pros:

This is 'real coding', When you would actually code, real code.

Here's another picture of real coding, you can't see the words but you can see the format.

Here's the last picture of coding, It seems hard but It's not.

Hopscotch Coding Pros:

Hopscotch Coding is more colorful, and It's more simple.

HOPSCOTCH Is more easier because It has videos to inspire people to code and make something AWESOME!

Hopscotch is more cooler, because you can go on iPad or iPhone and you can't do that with real coding

  • Real Coding
  • Hopscotch Coding


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I really like this topic!:grinning: I like that in Hopscotch, there's a community and you can see other people's projects to get inspiration from. Yet on apps such as ,"Codea" and ,"Swift Playgrounds" there isn't anything of that sort. I hope that maybe they can add something like that in the near further.:slight_smile:


Wow, it's pretty cool you've already learned about text based programming languages at your age! I've learned HTML and CSS, and I'm exploring Lua and Python right now. They're both awesome. I'm going to get Swift Playgrounds right when I get a newer iPad (my current iPad isn't compatible :( ). I believe that Hopscotch is more of a challenge when you get into more complicated coding skills. When using regular text based programming languages there are many functions already there for you while on Hopscotch you have to do a bit more thinking. Although, for some things it's vice versa.

Yeah, @AlohaHawaiiStudios! I totally agree. I love how there's such a lovely community on Hopscotch filled with amazing people that help us learn. It's so awesome to think how hundreds of kids around the world can play your projects!

I personally like Hopscotch the best, but that's probably because I'm so used to it. The interface is just so easy to use and although Hopscotch looks simple on the outside there are still thousands of things you can explore and create! The possibilities are endless. I have to say that my favorite text based language that I've learned so far would be Lua. It's awesome! I got introduced to it on Codea, an app that I definitely recommend if you have some spare cash. If you're interested, Lua is available for download on pretty much every PC for free I think. There are many free resources to help you online, too, from video tutorials to interactive text tutorials to books (Code School, Codecademy, and Khan Academy are great websites that help you get started with learning some text based languages. There are also many apps available for iPads that can run code, but don't have much of a guide or introduction). My second fave language would have to be Python. It's super simple, and I strongly suggest it as a first language to learn! The syntax is very easy to understand, and there are bunches of resources out there to help you.


I have learned HTML, CSS, and a little of Ruby.


I'm not really interested in real coding
Coz so text-y ;-;


So true but I want to try!

Is there any 'real coding@ available in iPad besides swift playground (cos like Inty,my iPad is not compatible;-:wink:


I do know one, that you can do on computer. I forgot the name though, But I'll search something for Real Coding on your iPad. :wink:




Anytime, @Hero_Dino!


Both are really cool! Hopscotch is more for beginners, and I like that it's super easy and you can share all of it in one place, in a neat tidy place on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod!
Real coding can do way more, and there are way more real coders in the world. You can have a job of real coding, and you could make a lot of money if lot's of people like what you've made. You can change the world with real coding! :D
It's just a little harder. I think real coding is better, but Hopscotch Coding is much easier and fun!


Yeah, 'Real Coding' is a bit harder, But It's fun to do!


Do you know any programming languages that aren't block based?


Hmmm.. I know HTML/CCS, Javascript, Lua, Ruby, Python, And ONE more I forgot the name. (I'm forgetting EVERYTHING! XD)


I've only learnt a bit of Python, Swift and the forum's HTML, BBCode and Markdown. I struggle a lot more with 'real' coding, but it is more applicable.


Awesome answer!

I agree, on HS there are some things that are made easier, but there are also some challenges.

For example, on HS there are no lists or arrays. So if you want to choose a random word and desplay it on the screen, you have to set a value random 1 to some number. Then you have to use check once if value = some number, set text to ____.

Also, you can't combine text phrases. On text based languages, you can usually do for example:

Display text ("I am +(valueAge) years old."

Then you could substitute a value in your text!
This would also be a super cool feature to add to HS. So would arrays and lists!


Have you learned linux? Or splunk? I have! You should try it! (My dads a govy. And he lets me learn some of it) (its awesome, plz try it)


I haven´t learned so much about "Real coding", but I think both is great. But, hopscotch has the easy format, the friendly community and the better design. That´s why Hopscotch is better.


My friend might teach me linux.


@Any other staff members

Which do you prefer, Hopscotch coding or script code?


You're 8?! You sound like you're 11 :open_mouth: