Ready, Set, Code!


For all of you thinking this is a coding club or advice page, it isn't. It is a coding CONTEST.

1. Be nice to other hopscotchers
2. Have fun!
3. Follow the time limit

Hiring Ranks!

Reply if youre interested in being one of these ranks!
Judge - will judge who wins at the end.
Moderator - Make sure everyone behaves correctly. Make sure you flag!
Timekeeper - disqualify anyone who goes over the time limit.

You will have until the day to code a fully functional indie tycoon game. When you are finished, you will reply in the forum post the link to your game. You must also give advice on coding under your link.


  1. -To be a contestant, reply in the forum "I would like to join!"

In this competition everyone is a winner. What matters is if you tried, not if you win.


I love the name of your contest. Ill be intested to to see the final products from the competitors.


This may be canceled because nobody is replying, only liking. Although you could see my tycoon after, which goes in the rules of the competition. I will have the same time, and I can finish early if I want.


This is cool and I like the name, as @MelodiousParrot also seems to do.
I will have my own coding summer camp this summer, so unfortunately I will be a little busy with that one.


I saw. Its pretty easy actually to multitask, can I join that? This will not be that long, so i'm sure I can handle it.


You can join mine, but it isn't started yet. I will let you know when I start it.


@t1_hopscotch can you shut this down? There were no competitors.


That must feel disappointing :cry:

Sure I can do that, just let me know if ever you would like to open it again or anything.