Reading on paper compared to IPad (speed, fluency, ect.)


This is the reading topic! Here you can share books you are reading, and talk about books! You also can make games about books or code the covers of books in Hopscotch! Happy Reading! I checked and found no other topic like this, if there is, please tell me and I'll recycle or close :slight_smile:


It's pretty much the same to me.


Cool topic!

But does this relate to coding or hopscotch? I don't think it does.

Even if you say you are going to make a project about it, people usually never do....


This is a really cool topic! I've heard it's scientifically proven you absorb more and remember more when you read on paper vs an electronic! Because not only do you use your eyes, but your hands to turn the pages, and sometimes you even smell the books. The more senses the better!

Is there any way we can relate this to HS though?


I like reading on my iPad because I like how it feels. Sometimes, the pages in a real book get dirty and gross.

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You're the fourth lol


I didn't notice that until I was too late!:joy::laughing:

At first, I started typing while there were no replys. When I pressed reply, 3 other posts were in this topic! I was like :anguished:. I quickly scrambled to change it.


@bluedogmc-official- I was thinking it's like the drawing and writing topic, because they don't relate to Hopscotch. I could make it relate to Hopscotch somehow though.


I love technology, but you just beat the feel of a paper book to me. I love reading. I'm reading Dickens bigger novels now, they're a bit dry sometimes, but good practice for high school!

I may not be a math prodigy like some Hops, but I can read :joy:


I LOVE reading, reading on paper is better for me too! Right now I'm reading a fairly easy book called "Out of My Mind" It's really good, but sad.


Lol I saw every single edit that you made :joy:

I just read an AMAZING book called "the rules of disepearing" by Ashley Elston. Read it! It's AMZAING.

Can We relate this? I like talking about books but this isn't related...


@bluedogmc-official- I don't know, maybe we should just ask mods to close


I've read that book! It's about the girl with cerebral palsy, right? Who can't talk?


Oh come on, let's relate it somehow! It's an awesome topic!


Relate it to the Imagination is cool stories or something!!


Yeah, it's super sad! I'm also reading The City of Ember series! It's super easy, but I LOVE it! I'm almost done with the third book.


Drawing on HS and making drawing pads is really common, so that's fine. Writing idek, I don't really think that's related either. But I don't see any way reading is related to HS.


Good idea!


Maybe try to code your book covers, or take pictures of your favorite part of the book, and put it in a project? (If you subscribed)


I love City of Ember!:bulb:

I read the 2nd book in the series on my iPad!:stuck_out_tongue: