Reading Between the Lines




Yeah, I agree. That is a really good point, thanks for adding that. :D


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this is a wonderful topic :DD

i just have a couple additions, from personal experience:

  • don't force them to talk
    • if you know something is wrong, do not force the issue, i seriously can't stress this enough. if you ask if something's wrong and they don't tell you right then, leave it. make it clear that you're available to talk, but don't pry.
  • seriously, don't force them to talk
    • forcing a person to tell you what's wrong is literally the fastest way to make sure they never confide in you again. let them do it on their own, when they're ready, and it'll be easier for everyone involved
  • do your research
    • there's a good reason why professionals are professionals, and that's because they know their stuff. i'm not saying you should go through eight years of med school, but a little reading could go a long way in understanding how someone could be feeling.
  • be open to talk to
    • i know i mentioned this in an earlier point, but if you want people to know you're there for them, make it clear you're available to talk if they need it. a listening ear goes a long way!

oop this wasn't supposed to be this long ;v;

anyway!! these are some things that i've learned, which i hope you guys can gain something from :DD


Thanks, Waff. And those are amazing points. :D


Great points!


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this is a good topic


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Great topic!


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Just know that if you need to talk to someone, you can. It helps. :)


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I relate so much to this.

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