Reading Between the Lines


I haven't really made a topic in a long time, so this might be really odd.

I've actually been trying to get this message across for while now. I don't like making huge deals out of something, but it's actually been a huge deal lately. I've changed things about my posts, and hidden things inside them. If there is a post where I didn't seem myself, I usually hid a quote.

And the quotes were always about reading in between the lines.

Just like how you had to notice something was different to find my real message, you have to do that around the forum too. There are two groups of people around here. There are external processors, and internal processors. External processors feel comfort with people, and have no problem voicing their problems. However, there are also internal processors.

When an internal processor has a problem, telling someone isn't always their first idea. They like to keep things silent, and think a lot about their choices before actually doing them. They usually don't speak up, and try to deal with things on their own. But some internals actually want someone to notice. They want someone to notice that they aren't fine like they say. They drop small hints that actually scream “I'm not fine”.

The internal processors on this forum usually hide things in their posts, and if you look carefully you can find if something is wrong. Maybe one day a person who is usually active only posts once. And in that one post, there are no smiley emoticons. And maybe in that post is a little message. A call for help.

This person who hid the quote, they really need a person. A person who knows what's wrong, a person who can see if you're upset. A person who understands. A person who knows.

The internal, of someone asks if they’re ok, almost always says these words;

I’m fine

Do you know what this person truly wants? They want someone to look them in the eyes, and say tell me the truth.

My message is, read between the lines. Keep an eye out. Maybe you are the hero someone needs.

Also, please check out Waff and shive's posts down below. They made amazing points, that should be added.


Great topic @Dude73 :3
I haven't be feeling that great myself, I mean I'm not sick I'm just struggling with some things...
I love how you stated it though :slight_smile:


Amazhang topic senpai!


Thanks, :)

And I hope you find something to help you feel better, :)


Np :)
( I hope so to)


Cool topic but when I quote posts and I know there's a message I can't find it do I have to do this <>? -I know how to hide stuff because if you quote this post you will discover a secret message that I want you to answer


Wow.. amazing speech. I don't really know what to say..


To see hidden messages, you have to first press "reply" and let the post editor come up. Then you press the first button on the left, that looks like a little speech bubble. This quotes the person's post that you are replying to, and in the editor you can also see the words inside of the quotes. You can try it on this post, if you want.


Kewl! Thanks!


In reality, I don't care much about that stuff.


Great message!
Well written too​:slight_smile:


Senpai is in senpais amazhang topic


I'm one of those internal processors. I used to say but now I sometimes hide things. ;-; T-T


I noticed some of those. This is a good message. Always be on the lookout, because someone who seems happy could need someone desperately. I agree.

Dudey? Is this about you? Are you okay? :0


No, this isn't about me. I've just noticed some people acting different, and I know it happens a lot IRL too. :)


I just hide it because I don't wanna get flagged. (Depression apparently isn't allowed?)


That makes sense. :)


Yeah...I'm just scared of getting flagged...
Do I seem sad on the forum in my posts?


I would like to agree, except for one aspect: Finding someone's thoughts is NEVER as easy as just pressing the "quote" button.

You don't just sit there and expect them to tell you. You can't just take what they tell you and suddenly translate it. You'll never just be able to establish a deeper friendship like this.

I hate to break it to y'all vigilantes, but carrying a friend out of depression often means terminating your friendship itself. Don't think that people are constantly yearning to be taken out of the "zone". Stop trying to only think of "oh, if I carry them out they'll be better friends with me because I helped them". It. Doesn't. Work. That. Way.

I love this positive message and all, but please take this idea of saving a friend not as a life lesson, nor as a framework, but as an example of the best-case scenario.

As much as I would LOVE to say that all stories end happily, all people die with friends, and all depressed persons will be pulled out of depression, that's not the way the world works.

I think the whole message of "Not all people are what they seem" is a great concept. But don't think that it then becomes your right to yank your friend out of a depression state they just settled in.


People live their own lives with their own thoughts and trying to stick your foot in to pull them out isn't necessarily the best course of action.


woah there i may have said a bit too much

I mean this in no offense to anyone. I do NOT mean this as an attack message or an offensive move.

I'm just saying. Depression isn't something you can pull someone out of while ensuring your friendship to last.