Read This If You Were In WJB. :)


Hi guys! I'm really sorry that WJB didn't work out, and we had to trouble all of you. I'm also really sorry that a lot of your amazing work was deleted by someone who didn't think it would hurt. I'm sorry that this made a lot of you regret this account. I'm sorry people were framed. I'm sorry we had to trouble THT. I'm sorry the hacker had to say those words. I'm incredibly sorry that you have to be reading this. I'm sorry you believed in this. I'm sorry for all of this. I'm sorry for the time and effort you put into this, all wasted by one click of a button.
WJB was really cool for a while. It was really awesome seeing all our efforts and talents put together in one account. Let this be a lesson for us. We can create amazing things just by working together as a team.
Let's also remember that we can't trust everyone. I made a really big mistake by trusting everyone. I was foolish by believing that no one would hack. There are always bad people in this world and unfortunately no matter how hard we try, we can't stop them.
This was a huge lesson for me, and hopefully a lesson for you.
All your ideas for making this grow were wonderful, and it would've worked out if not for the hacker. I want to say a billion things to the hacker, but I don't think I could.
Thank you. I'm really sorry.
THT, you don't have to worry about this anymore. I hope this worked with stopping everything.
@Cash, if you could change the password to something really hard, that would be great.


I'll change the password if I can again


:frowning: what? no... it cant be...


I know who hacked the account


WHo? Can you tell us?


My friend came round and he went on Hopscotch he went on the forum found this group logged in and started deleteing everything he just told me


Alright snoopy it will send me an email and then I'll reset it


gets feelings BeatzNation did this


What why would I hack the account


Please, no more regarding this. Let's not frame anyone else. I don't want it to get worse than it already is.


gets even more suspicious and feels slightly... odd about it.


realizes snoopy's post and drops all suspicion


We can't reset it. It's impossible.


Also i made a group on Hopscotch if anyone wants to join -


Gets huge idea
Hey, if we somehow manage to make a private conversation among members, no bystanders can come in and delete everything! how do we even do this


If you did could I join


Make a group chat on facebook


(They didn't have FaceBook)


Steelhooves: How about a Discord chat?


That would be communication outside the forum, and then all of us would get banned.
Not the best idea. :stuck_out_tongue: