Read This Before Quiting Of Being Noticed



Why are you here?
Why did you decide to get hopscotch?
Why did you decide to code?
These are all valuable questions you should ask yourself.
Does appreciation and fame really mater?
No it doesn't.
We came to learn code.
Everyone who is so-called famous or popular didn't ask for it. They just worked hard at coding and got there. All those people don't care. They just want to code.

So why are you really here?
Is it for fame?
Or to learn how to code?


This is good. It really makes you think! Go @SnowGirl_Studios! Awesome!


I came to have fun who else did? I love hopscotch it's so much fun


I agree komplett with all above^


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Yes! I agree!

Please please please don't quit because of popularity! You have no idea how guilty and sad I feel when people post that. Code! Be yourself! Code some more! It's way more fun then getting likes and being popular, trust me! :D


I so agree! I don't even care i'm not well known, I just love coding!


HS was for coding not fame and THT could easily remove all those Social features


Great topic!!!!!
It doesn't matter if I'm not noticed
I've been on since 2014 and I don't complain that I'm not famous


Yeah, I'm just here to code! I always aim for a feature, sometimes I get a trending, once I got a rising, so I keep coding so hopefully I will meet my goals!



Well Said!

a :gem: a :gem: and a :cookie: for ya!


Wow great topic!! I am glad I have my likes get ready for spam likes!!!!