Read or I'll unfollow you?


I saw this and project saying that you have to read it or they'll unfollow you:


Report it as mean!!!!!!!!


You always have the best ideas.


That's interesting. How does that person even know who and who did not read that and does that mean if they think that you have not read that they just unfollow you ?


It's a hollow threat...and they have a good point: rainbow text is hard to read


@friendship2468 why, thank you!!!


You're welcome. Hey, is it true that you got hacked on all of your accounts? If you want, I can make you a new hopscotch one.


I did, but it was a while ago. It's all taken care of, but thanks anyway!!!


I'm reporting it, because it's very rude to unfollow someone because of that


it's blackmail! Isn't that like, one of the main rules??


They wouldn't even be able to know if they read it or not :grimacing:


That's really mean. "Read or I'll unfollow you." I mean, who does dat? She/he should be reported.:angry:


Liking I bet they just want likes


Btw I thought from the title whoever posted meant " if you don't read this topic I will unfollow!" But when I saw it was you I was like but your so nice!


Aw thanks! Anyways, I think it is very rude to do that.


No problem! And I think it's very rude


This is very rude and unacceptable in hopscotch behavior if i were you i would report it ! I mean how can she unfollow everyone she has followed she doesn't even follow everyone! This is also blackmailing and threatening and we all know that is illegal online and everywhere. If she doesn't stop email the hopscotch team! I mean the text is nearly very bad but is sheerly in promotal nature but the tittle is very mean. You can ask him/her to change the tittle and the text if you want and here is a reminder to everyone : See somthing,Say somthing! Which in the frequent situation means Tell and adult or email the hopscotch team and report


Ignore it, they just want attention. :wink:


And that is what this topic does :wink:, it gives them the attention that they want.


@Moderators @Admins please close this topic as it will open an argument giving the mean person the attention they want. Right now the topic is not useful if it ever gets usefull please open it to give us feedback :wink: