Read only mode? Weird message?



This morning I tried to like, and I got this message:

I understand read only mode is when you can't like, reply, post, etc, but why did I get it? Did any one else get this?


I also got it!

I think they were doing changed to the cite, so no one could be replying


They're probably fixing teh servers


I got that too! But also- photo bomb in second picture :D


We got it yesterday at lunchtime I think.


I got it at like 7:30 in the morning!


i had it yesterday. The solution to me is to change my password (good timing to do that TBH)


You would half to get off while there doing updates!


@tankt2016 is probably in a different tome zone than you :wink:


I was probably asleep or at school, becuase I did not get it. :thinking:


I didn't get it, probably because I only joined 1 hour ago!


You mean 4 hours ago.