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I see that t1 is a moderator here. How did you become a moderator? And trust level leader?


Hi @friendship2468 I became a moderator since I'd like to help out with keeping the forum an awesome place :smiley: Trust level leader is part of being a moderator.

This question has been asked before, so just try to search the topic of your question first before you ask it :wink:— the similar post is here and I was able to find it just by typing "moderation".

You can also find out more about trust levels here if you want.


I want to be a moderator because I want to help too.


That's really nice of you :smiley: Liza said they are not currently looking for more moderators but she will send emails to people interested when they do need more moderators. You can see her reply here:


You shouldn't email me. I used my mom's email, and she gets mad sometimes about this stuff. I wish I had my own email that wasn't a school email. You guys can just message me.


Oh sorry about that :confused: I'm not sure but usually Liza needs to be able to keep in contact with you through email. I guess messaging on the forum is an option too, but I'm not sure. If she is looking for more moderators on the forum, I'm sure she'll see to this with you when the time comes :smiley:


She can't email my "email" though. My mom will get mad and start asking me questions. I hate it when that happens.


Why did that make boxes? Wait nvm.


It's okay, then @Liza won't use your email if she knows. I'm sure she will see to it when the time comes and she's looking for people interested in moderation :smiley:


Thanks. Can you please tell her that? Also, I think that you should tell the hopscotch team that I think there should be are
Out button in somebody's profile in case they are being rude or doing bad projects. Here'sHere's the project I'm talking about. Watch until the end. PG-13 it says.


Hi @friendship2468 if you see a project that has anything inappropriate in it, you can report it to the Hopscotch Team. (Here's a post on how to report in case you aren't sure)


I have a question. Why is my email on my profile when I look at it?


@friendship2468, It was the email you used in order to sign up. Don't worry, it will never be shown to the public.


That's right @Berrymelon :smiley: