Read if you are new on forum!



Welcome to forum! There you can share your ideas about Hopscotch, ask questions to others or help others by replying their topics! Feel free to use this forum but dont use a bad language! There are rankslike member, regular, developer and leader. You can be ranked up by viewing posts, recrieving likes and creating topics. Be a good member of Hopscotch Forum! :+1::+1::+1:


тℏ!ṧ !ℵḟ✺ԻՊᾰт!✺ℵ ℏᾰṧ ♭ḙḙℵ Իḙℓᾰ⑂ḙᖱ Պᾰℵ⑂ т!Պḙṧ ♭ḙḟ✺Իḙ.


Umm ok. But why you are writing like this?


What a short and good explaination! I think that I definitely will share this with a newbie as soon as I see one around.


hi i just joined and like this place suc


oh, hello :3 please don’t say mean words or you’ll be terminated


This is a very nice explanation! Great job.


o kurwa mać!!!111!