Reaction Test Game! 😁



Ok guys, you are probably annoyed with another topic about one of my projects, but I am super excited! I started working on this project and hit a bug in my code. I tried fixing it and it got worse. I took a loooooong break from it and now it is done! I’m sooo excited! I’m posting it on November 3rd.
My project is a reaction Test game. It is base off this…


Can’t wait! :blush:


Can’t wait for it to be out. Sounds cool. Good luck with it


I can’t wait to see my results lol :joy:.


I am really excited! I have made something similar and so have other users, but I think that your project will be something more advanced! Good luck.


Cool! Tag me when you’re done!


@paige1212 @FearlessPhoenix @Hopscotcher @William04GamerA @tankt2016
I am done! I published it!


Whoa! Thats pretty cool!
I think I beat your highscore?


I saw it! Cool!


Omg! It’s first on trending! :scream::scream::scream: !!! What?!?!





That thing is so fun hehhehehe


My top score is 0.02


I have 0.1 (is there lower than that?)


Yes, actually, you can get a better score. I’ve actually gotten 0.08 a few times. That was after I published it though.


Wow that is hard to get