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Please tell me how good my profile is, and did you voted 7 or lower, please tell me why and what I could do better. I don't really care if it's mean or leaning towards mean! :wink:

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Thanks a lot! :smile:


You're a great coder!


Thank you!! :smile:


Yuo amed ToT! !)?!)!


elWl, ouy tasrdte ti! :yum:


idd uyo ysa Trisda?! Em onnct dera htat!


I nact pesrodn ucabse I on'dt nwok hawt Trisda amens :sweat_smile:




@Rawrbear, @AHappyCoder, what language are you guys talking in? Scrambled word language?


We're talking in Happyish, the language @AHappyCoder made up! :smile:


Your profile is awesome! :D

It's really fun trying to unscramble the words. :P


Like this?

.I nodt teg eht nagh fo ti


How do you talk in happish?


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Like @tankt2016 and @seawolfwerehorse said, you scramble words! :wink:


kayO, ekil siht? ouY nod't od aotu rrectoc! utB nod't cramsble @ names! nehT yeth wloudn't eb @ manes, @Huggingfluffybear.


Koay ousnds ogod ot em