Rawrbear said a bad word in his bio!


@rawrbear I'm ashamed of you! You shouldn't be swearing on a kids' forum!

See? He said "I can get extremely pissed if you do."
Ashamed! @kiwicute2016 @poptart0219 @anonymous look what he did! Ashamed!


You've probably said a bunch more than me. And also, I don't consider it bad, just more "intense"! :wink:


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I know XD


I've only said 3

But I don't swear anymore. :wink:


Lol I found your 20 characters tag! Sneaky sneaky...


Sorry to rain on your parade there bud but pis.sed is kinda bad


All of those (except for stupid) are far worse than "pissed"! It's not even in the word filter!


Whoa calm down, @Kiwicute2016 please close asap


Actually what you said is the worst. Sorry to rip apart your homework.



That doesn't mean it's not bad.



Rawrbear change it please. Or there will be consequences.


@friendship2468 nice job catching something out. +10 points


If not changed, I will do it for you.