RAWRBEAR! (RawrBear Senpai don't look😜)



Hey, guys! I'm here today to talk about RawrBear! (And I know no one will care.) and, we are making a surprise for him! (Well, i am.) I was gonna make a card with a list of things I made for him, so...... Yeah! I'm SUPER HAPPY that he is back! :blush::heart:️ (Also, Senpai, ur only my HS senpai. MY REAL-LIFE ONE is....IM NOT GONNA TELL!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) and, upcoming: I'm gonna make CANDY CRUSH!!! :smile: Anyway, this a topic where we talk about one person, and one person only: RAWRBEAR! He is special! (To me, at least) and I will recycle this topic to daily ShoutOuts! So @Rawrbear, special shoutout to u!


First like, reply.

I think it's a great idea!


Great! I'm glad you do. I really didn't think it was tho. But if ur talking Candy crush, then yeah!! I'm working on the planning!


Would you mind me correcting the title? :wink:
Or anyone else could do it :smiley:


Rawrbear is amazhang right?


I don't mind. It was pretty pointless. Oh and gtg




Yaaaaaaas now I really have to go


I really think that Rawrbear should be Leader!:wink:


@StarryDream I agree. He is AMAYZING, yet he is forever demoted to member for some reason. I cried when I read/heard that post.


Maybe NOT forever.
Actually, when I saw that topic that caused him being suspended, I think that he was right on that thing.


It's sad to be demoted.

My heart broke when it happend to me.


Yeah... I Was Like O_O... ;_;


Rawrbear Was A Great User. I Don't Even Know Why He Got Demoted...






Omg guys seriously XD you ruin everything


Nah, it wasn't them; I found it myself, and it was dead anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


You is Senpai!

You is Amazhang.

You is also @Rawrbear! :scream: