Rawrbear Official Ideas Post!




@SmileyAlyssa inspired to make this, so here we go!

To submit an idea, it must be like this:

  • The idea must be an original one, so it cannot be something already made a million times! (Good example: A command prompt choose your own adventure game (coming soon!!))
    • If your idea is not original, make sure there's a twist that makes it to it somehow!

And no, a big idea list of ideas list will not work, since most of them aren't original.

Remember: an original idea has something unique to it!

Thanks! Your ideas may contribute well! :smile:


Curtain physics or a hexaflexagon simulator or a sort-of jigsaw puzzle thing. Also, maybe a rotary phone? IDK


potato cupcakes...


make a moving pixel art, like you use sprites for each pixel in the the pixel art, then you have a variable that controls which frame it's on, and you could make a (really) short gif!


I've made one of those in Hopscotch, albeit a really bad one. An Undertale character dying. Really bad.


Surprisingly, most of them are original. I only put a couple down that were from websites, and I thought of the rest. I also added some from other people's to grown my list. Please take it down that my ideas weren't originally thought of.


I meant to say some of them, not all! I was tired :persevere: