@Rawbear @Phase_Admin 3D cos/sine depth help needed


@Rawrbear @Phase_Admin Can you please make a simple project with a small dot in the centre of the screen and have aprox six other dots circling the centre dot at different distances away from the centre dot clockwise/anti clockwise when a left-right arrow is pressed.
Much appreciated if you can help


I'll try my best! :wink:


Did it work out? If not, I know ~9 ways to do that, depending on how much control you want.


I'm done! I forgot to share it :yum:

@Stradyvarious, I hope this was what you were looking for!



@oio my plan is to set an emojis size to a dots y position divide the centre dots y position and set the emojis x position to a dot circling the centre dots x position (+ or -)????
As the dots circling the centre the emoji should orbit around the player in a 3d sort of scale from a first person view.
I'd like the dots to orbit the centre dot wherever it is. Like if the centre dot moves up and closer to a second dot,the second dot will orbit around the centre dot quicker as it's now closer.
I'm probably not smart enough to succeed in doing something like this.
You probably are though.

The dots will be for a map to show the players location and other things and a map will be easier to keep track of where things are.


Thanks i'll look in a few hours when i can get my ipad.
@Phase_Admin @Stampys_fans @Rawrbear
be sure to update your Tynker app as the new update now has a drawing tool to draw your own sprites and backgrounds. You could only do this on the website before but now you can do it on the app.
I still prefer the website to draw though, as there's more tools


Best update ever!

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A trick with Tynker.
When you draw emojis with draw font ,you can set the pen color and make different colored emojis like this purple train made with Tynker.
Also you can type 32 emojis in a row when typing texts unlike only 15 in a row on Hopscotch



I'm thinking could something similar to raycasting be done on Hopscotch?
Like have a mini map and 32 mini sprites continually shoot out at angles from a main sprite and when 1 of the 32 sprites touches anything on the mini map a line is drawn on screen at the sprites x position minus/multiplied?? and size which would be determined by how long the mini sprite takes to bump into another sprite on a mini map.
The mini map would have to rotate around a sprite which would represent the players position from a first person view when moving forwards,back and turning left,right


The way you describe this, @Stradyvarious, makes this sound like a really cool effect.

I probably got the wrong idea from the first question and from what looked like a fine solution from @Rawrbear. It sounded like you just wanted six dots orbiting a central dot. Several options came to mind, depending on whether the radius of the dots' orbits around the center is constant, whether their angular positions are locked to one another, and whether the rate of rotation is constant.

But now it sounds like the dots are actually shrunken representations of things going on in the full screen. It sounds like they're like "blips" on a radar. Right? Their radial distance from the center dot, which represents the location of your character, and their angular positions can change independently. Is that still right? If so, that's a bit more complicated, but not too hard. For this, I would recommend using what you know about similar triangles. A set of X and Y coordinates in the minimap is perfectly scaled-down from the same in the main map. The only difference is that the origin of your minimap is always on your main character.

The last detail is that you seem to want to make whatever is "straight ahead" in the "real world" be at the top of the minimap radar. So, if the character on the main screen turns, you want the stuff on the radar to rotate around the minimap dot that represents that character.

So, is all of that right? If so, yes, I know how you can do that. And I can make something to show it, if you guys haven't already come-up with a solution and would like to see one from me. But I don't want to spoil the fun. Coming-up with the solution is a sweet victory in code. Just let me know.

Good problem! I like it. :smile:


I think I know a way, only if you want to hear it!


What i'd like is the dots to rotate around a central dot when pressing left/right arrows. When the up/down arrows are pressed i'd like all the dots except the central dot to move up/down and when the left/right arrows pressed again the dots circle the central dot from their new positions. If you can make this project so i could see and learn from it i would appreciate it allot.

This is much easier to do on Tynker by having all dots point towards the central dot and turning around the central dot from wherever they are and moving them up/down while they are pointing at the central dot.
There's a few tricks you can do with Tynkers extra blocks that enables a user to avoid having to use sine-cos


Do you know how raycasting works?
Would you be interested in trying to do raycasting on Hopscotch? like a collab?
With a tiny 1 pixel square emoji repeating forever
moving forward until bumping in to anything then going invisible and going to start position again and changing angle by 1 and moving forward until bumping anything.
Like a radar scanning an area aprox 180 degree radius
and when the pixel bumps anything a line is drawn vertically onscreen with its width and location determined by a timer s value and the pixels x-y position that resets each time the pixel bumps anything.
This might create a sort of 3D wall effect around the player looking forward and when moving/turning on a map.


Are you talking about this??




I read how its done on scratch. i understand the pixel bumping part.
i think this could be done on Hopscotch.
Just don't know how quickly though
After each 180 degree scan the lines have to be cleared to draw-update the screen
Tomorrow i'll try and start something like this and see if it works.


Would it be as slow as the Scratch version? You need Turbo Mode to run this project, so would it be just as slow on Hopscotch??

If you're on an iPad, sorry for the inconvenience.


Would you be interested in remaking this game on Hopscotch?
I've figured out allot of the code using Hopscotch in my mind.
I can help you out allot with code ideas.
Reply back if you're interested.


@Kiwicute2016 Thanks for liking my projects but it wasn't necessary. You might be thinking i'm feeling lonely.
I'm coding allot more advanced projects on Tynker at the moment and i think only @oio and @justanerd can understand my questions and comments. So i can't really discuss much now with most members of the forum.


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