Rating Games Using The Curation Criteria

If you want constructive feedback about your game, feel free to link the project and I will play it!

I will rate it using the curation critera!

Complexity: 10 points
How complex is the project? How many different features does it have?
Originality: 10 points
How original is the concept and design? Is it a copy or remix, or original project?
Effort: 10 points
How much visible effort went into the project? Was it carefully crafted, or roughly thrown together?
Performance: 10 points
How well does the project work? Is it finished? Are there a lot of bugs?
Community Support: 5 points
How many people have voted “Excellent” or “Masterpieces” in the poll?
Clarity: 5 points
How easy is it to play? Does it have clear instructions?
Design: 5 points
How well is the project designed? Does the placement of everything make sense?
Fun: 5 points
How much fun is the project?


Hi. We actually have this topic where you can ask for some cc about your project. Yes, I know a lot of people aren’t getting responses as often there, but that’s only because the curators (and former curators) are extremely busy with other stuff, especially IRL.