Rate My Forum Posts!


Hi guys!
I just wanted you to rate my forum posts and to see if you guys want to see anything in particular I am not hitting! So, be sure to take the poll below! 1 means the worst, and 10 means the best!

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Please comment down below, feedback, suggestions, compliments, and more thoughts!
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! Please follow my Hopscotch account Swati_Bang! Stay tuned for more forum posts because since I have free time I am posting like crazy! Give this post a like!



I like that you make a lot of polls so people want to read your topics, but maybe you should do them all in one? You make a lot of topics!:smiley:


@yaygirls -
Thank you for the suggestion, and yes I try to remain super active on the forum!
I actually don’t really understand what you mean by "all in one"
Pls explain!


You do make a lot of topics, but I just think that it is a good thing because it makes me have more things to read and many of your topics makes people to discuss about interesting things related to Hopscotch.


Well, I mean you should have one topic for forum stuff, or one for rules and things instead of making a hole bunch of topics. Different themes for different topics?


Now I get it, but I feel like I make very different varieties of forum topics. However, that is an amazing suggestion and is something I have never thought about before, so thank you so much! :smile:


That’s what I did back a year ago
I don’t do it that much now
There aren’t that many good ideas to post about now a days


Hi guys!
I have been opening up some of my older posts that I just love, and this is one of them!
I would LOVE it if you guys could continue rating me on some of my more recent posts as well!
I will never close this poll, and it is always open for you guys!
Keep on voting!