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I like your coding! I would love you to make the following:

A JUMPYDUCKZ simulator!
Potato creater!

First reply!


Thanks @MiracleShoutouts
Whats a jumpy Duck.....


Ask @Bananadog or @CreativeCoder, I do not know! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok...... It sounds kind off creepy!!


More people pls respond to the poll!


@Bananadog whats a JumpyDuckz simulator


8.67 already, maybe my coding skills arent as good as I thought! LOL​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I love your coding!!!!!,


Hey TitanBoy!

A Jumpyduckz is something Creative Coder and I use! SmilingSnowflakes made it up when she was trying to guess CC's name and it just kind of became a thing. XD

I guess it's a jumping duck... We're not even sure. XD

I can tell you more if you want! XD :D

I saw your latest music project and I really like it! :D


You're awesome @TitanBoy!

Where's the 22 button on the poll…?


Wait... What did you think you were?


Sorry @KVJ their is a secret button doh!!!


But it's too secret…22/10 though! You're amazhang!