Rate me on my skills in writing!


Hi there! I love to write, and you may have seen me in the Imagination is Cool topic writing stories! If you haven't seen my writing, go check it out!

Anyway, how do I do?
also don't get t7lks into this thicks

  • WOW! Post another please!
  • Great! Could use improvement though!
  • About average/Make them longer!
  • Boooooo. More intresting things thicks
  • I GIVE YOUR STORY -284729732983/10!!!!


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Too bad, I found it



Uh oh >: )



What? You want me to get you too? >: D


:flushed: I'm fine thanks... not again, heh heh, no need for that...



Ok, I'll get you some other time. I see it in your near future...


:cold_sweat: :flushed: :worried:




But not too near.


I've never been to the imagination is cool topic, so... :sweat_smile: