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Be honest, but state your opinions in a nice way!

The Opinion Problems

Reviving this topic!

Please guys! I want to know!




I dun it!


I used my google docs (gmail) and pasted the link!



Thanks for completing it!


I did it!!


Thank you! It means a lot!


I think I saw yours... And I knew who your were, and your username is extremely long! xD
Edit: wait no that was @MYD I need to read the whole thing next time!


:laughing: no problem!


Yeah, I know and thank you for all of the nice things you all said!


Let's see...
What are my favorite video games?
What is my favorite pro football team?
Why am I sad right now?
Am I unbearingly crazy?


Who filled out that form and said "NO" or "NOPE" to everything?
And then for "Tell me what I need to improve" and then "Secret" said "Everything"



But, I'm a girl!


It's ok! I am usually depicted as a boy and I act like a tomboy!

I live in NC! (But I'm from Florida)


Thank you, @smishsmash! That means a lot! I've been doing more art because I am really busy and don't have enough time to carry out a big project at the moment.


Thanks @TallAOnForum, @Fun_in_the_Sun and DrawingPony!


Who trolled this and called themselves "Secret"? Whoever it was, it really hurt.


Ok! (I don't think it would be you anyway)

But seriously, whoever did that should apologize now and take it back. Some things people do these days...


I found stuff!

  1. You have two "What do I need to improve?" Questions!
  2. You have two "Is my art OK" Questions!

Just saying :slight_smile: