Rate me? I mean, what do you think I'm not very good at?



This is not a how good am I thing. I want to know what you want me to improve on, really, I won't get upset, I want to get better.


You're fine just the way you are.


That's what i was afraid you'd say...


Because I can't be bothered to find your account tbh.


Oh, i just noticed you're IFightForMyFriends, the drawing looked familiar, a nice kind of familiar.


I Shall Not Be Named, pretty easy to find...


I just followed you, now.


@Fluffymarshmellow drew it. she said it was okay to use it on the forum.
Heres the picture:

I also got a drawing account called IfiDraws​:pen_ballpoint: and a I guess going to be coding account.


Um...follow my other account IfiDraws​:pen_ballpoint: Please and not my main account. I don't want to clog up your follow tag.


Lol! photo bomb! Fill dat space


Okay, and sorry I didn't see this earlier, I lost wifi, i only got wifi back this morning.


To fill the space w/out showing it, do this without the spaces: < fill the space >