Rate hopscotchers!



Okay, so, let me just say, I know there are a lot of "rate me" topics around, but please don't tell me to delete this posts because these are not the same thing. This is where you can make polls for others to rate you and your projects, and get feedback on how to improve them-this topic is not all about rating me. But rating me I would like to make just one small part of this... I'm curious.
My hopscotch username is Kay Kat, if you want to go check my profile.
So, on a scale of 1-10, (1 being the worst, and 10 being the best) what would you rate me?

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  • 2
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I won't be offended no matter what you say, so please be honest. Remember, you can make your own polls to get yourself rated on here, just be sure to include your hopscotch username.
Ok. That's it. Bai!


10 cause good or bad depends on where you stand


Don't know what you mean by that, but your that rating still makes my day.


doesn't matter. XD

you either stand in a world were good does not exist or bad does not exist.
kinda confusing.


I love your projects so much! Thanks so much for that project you made that said you were happy I followed you. That made my day! :blush:Your projects are so awesome! I love the lightning one, super creative idea! I know it's not about likes, but you deserve more than you get :smiley:


I would give you a 7, but mostly because I haven't seen you a lot.


Thank you!
You following me made my day probably more than my project made yours​:wink:, but whatever.
And this post you just made made my day a ton too. So much, that I just HAD to take a screenshot of it.


I think your projects are amazing! Your backgrounds are so pretty! You have such creative ideas, too. I especially love your City At Night Time project. It's awesome! Your Geometry Dash game is super fun, too. I love its design. :scream:

Maybe try challenging yourself a bit! Go out of your coding comfort zone and try something new. Maybe make some more games? I suggest a game using Clones, maybe? You seems good at using them. :smiley:


Clones? You have no idea. All I can do with clones is make backgrounds. But I'll try. Thanks for the feedback!


Please SBYP. I already made a topic about this.


Sorry! I didn't know you made a topic about this! I searched, but all I found were "rate me" and "rate hopscotch".


Which topic are you referring to?


@Intellection74 I know I already said this but thank you for the feedback. I did what you said, and made the first game I've made for a loooooooong time.(I think I called it "rocket ship".) And it is now on featured. Really low down, but that's the best I've ever done. I'm really grateful for your feedback. Like more than you'll ever know.
(That's the project.)


I gave you a 7 because I don't know about you.


Wow, congratulations! Your game is great. I really like it. It's not laggy at all and I had a lot of fun playing it. I like how you tilt your device to control the rocket rather than using arrows or your fingers. Very cool! :smiley:

I'm glad my feedback helped you!