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Hey! My friend wants to join Hopscotch but she's not sure if she'll like it so...
Let's see if we get another hopscotcher!

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Thank you!


I think what you could do is let her try a bit of Hopscotch. If you'd like to, you could show her one of the videos and let her make something, or make something with her. That way, she'll be able to try Hopscotch for fun and see if she likes it or not :smiley:

That said, I enjoy Hopscotch a lot and it's a great place for having fun coding :smile:


I thinks I agree with @t1_hopscotch. I think that its likely that she could join. Hopscotch is a really fun and cool app. And thanks for doing my drawing requests LP!


Hey @t1_hopscotch! Yep, she's coming over today, so I can do that! Thanks!


I think hopscotch is Great because there are literly over 1 trillion posabilitys and there is millions of games on heaps of topics


Personally, I'd rate Hopscotch a 10! Its an awesome coding game with a nice community and tons of great projects! So, you should actually let your friend read the description of Hopscotch in the app store and maybe download it and let her experience a little, maybe teach her a few blocks and things. Then you can ask her about how much she loved it. If she loved it, then that's great!!