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I'm kind of scared what people will vote for because I think I made a few people mad the other day idk

  • really nice
  • Nice
  • Not so nice
  • Ehhh


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  • cool
  • Ehhh not bad


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  • Yes, of course we are friends!
  • Yah we are kind of friends..
  • NO, ■■■■■■■■■■ YOUR SO MEAN


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Ps: the last poll says "I h.ate you" and it was censored.


I want to be friends with you. :smiley:

Your awesome!


Cool, we can be friends! Thanks!


U can be a bit sensitive which can be rude. Sometimes u flag stuff that doesn't deserve to be flagged. U r still nice



You're awesome!


Yah we can be friends!

I don't try to be rude, I just try to enforce the rules. I know lately my posts aren't really funny and upbeat but since the leaders were demoted I'm just trying to help keep the community on track. Also, how do you know when I flag stuff? I barely ever flag unless something is REALLY bad lol


Thanks so much!


You're awesome! Your personality is outstanding! You're super super noce(although I never get to know you,I kind of stalk you for some reason XD)


Do you want to build a snowman?
I think we could build a cool one
Do you want to be my friend?

-Frozen quote




I know, I want to be friends with her. I've asked her many times.

This topic hasn't been active in awhile, I feel like Ella just brought it back so she could say rude things. Look, I've asked her many times to be friends. But, she hates me because I told someone that there topic might be a duplicate? K. Haters gonna hate bro :joy:


I'm going to flag her post. She's rude to you, and you anyways don't deserve "Horrible". Maybe, she just envy to you.


Thanks, I'm glad your on my side. I really appreciate it.


Haha me envy someone who codes.. As if

And the reason I brought this back was cause y'all wanted me to explain why I voted and I couldn't find that topic so I voted on this one

And y'all gonna flag cause I'm stating my opinion. Ok. Ppl think flags are a punishment but hey really aren't. They are fun actuslly and we have s contest. So please flag away

Freedom of speech

And actuslly, she does deserve horrible if I think so.

And I don't need to be friends with everyone and u don't need to tell me what to do.

I, done trying to b friends with ppl on here. Well most of them....some are very nice and funny and take a joke


I won't remove, it's MY option. And anyways I can't remove, someone flagged it too.


Yay thank you!

I love flags

Ppl think it's
A punished met but it's not

That wasn't even flagable but ig y'all are sensitive